I was born in Hanoi and had the opportunity to study and work in Kiev (Ukraine), Gothenburg (Sweden), London (UK) and Melbourne (Australia) for many years, which has given me the opportunity to be exposed to diverse arts from many countries. The time studying a Master of Science in Computer Systems at London South Bank University and working for 12 years in the UK has given me a lot of experience in the arts, because the UK is world leader in fine arts, music, literature and the contemporary arts.

     Currently, I am working in the education sector, painting has came to me very gracefully, that has brought me inspiration for drawing and creating. All my paintings are showed a passion for drawing, because modern Art has inspired and brought me true life values, overcomes all troubles in life, which help my soul to be sublimated. These values have helped me to compose and draw harmonious and relaxing paintings  with nuances of modern art.